Hot rice served with braised snakehead fish with pepper is a perfect combination for a family meal, especially on chilly days. Let’s learn how to make this delicious, flavorful dish!
  1. – Remove the fish scales, wash with water mixed with a little salt, remove blood clots in the backbone of the fish. Use a towel to pat the fish dry.
  2. – Crush onion, garlic, and chili. Marinate the fish with spices, stir well to absorb at least 1 hour.
  3. – Put 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp cooking oil into the pan to make caramel sauce. When the sauce turns brown, add the fish and turn two sides to absorb the spices.
  4. – Mix coconut water into the fish marinade, pour into the pan to braise on high heat until boiling.
  5. – Continue to lower the heat and then braise the fish for another 20 minutes to absorb spices evenly on both sides, season to taste again. When the marinade thickens, turn off the heat.