Top Minecraft versions you need to know

Minecraft is a worldwide famous sandbox video title. Entering the game, players need to apply skills and ingenuity to survive and explore the in-game world. The game’s content revolves around your endless adventures. Minecraft has two perspectives: first-person and third-person. Depending on preferences, gamers can choose the viewing angle that makes them most comfortable. 


Thanks to its creative gameplay and unique block graphics, Minecraft has quickly become the hottest game ever. Therefore, it is easy to understand that it also has many different versions of existence. Up to now, the publisher has released many different versions of the Minecraft game. In the article below, we will learn some popular Minecraft versions that attract thousands of players around the world! 

Top 9 Minecraft versions you need to know 


Minecraft: Java Edition 

The first name on the list that I want to introduce is the game Minecraft: Java Edition. Although this is not a free survival game, it is guaranteed to bring an experience worthy of the cost you spent. 


Minecraft: Java Edition is the original version developed by Mojang. Players can experience it on PC or laptop running Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Up to now, this game has been released to version 11.1.5. 


Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition 

Legacy Console Edition was developed specifically for handheld gaming devices released by 4J Studios. This version offers a simple gaming system and detailed game instructions. In particular, this Minecraft game is limited to only 16 people in one server. 


Minecraft: New Nintendo Switch 3DS Edition 

New Nintendo Switch 3DS Edition is also a version released exclusively for the New Nintendo 3Ds, New Nintendo 2Ds XL, and New Nintendo 3Ds XL systems. The gameplay of this game is similar to the original game version released on other platforms and systems. 

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 

This is a game version released separately for each different platform. In particular, Bedrock Edition can support cross-platform online play. Typically there are some versions, such as Pocket Edition, Console Edition, VR Edition, etc. 



Minecraft: Education Edition 

Minecraft PC game was released specifically for education. This PC game was developed by Mojang and Xbox Studios with content to support teachers in teaching students about many different knowledge. 

Currently, many countries around the world are applying Minecraft: Education Edition to the pedagogical environment as a mandatory lesson. This game version allows students to maximize their creativity as well as improve teamwork spirit. PvP mode in Minecraft has been removed and replaced with new items, blocks, mods, and programming-related features. In particular, teachers can apply this game to teaching Chemistry. 


Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition 

This is also a version developed by Mojang specifically for Raspberry Pi. Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition supports many different programming languages. Thanks to that, players can modify their commands to create their own unique world. 

Besides, Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition is also considered a useful educational document for programmers. 


Minecraft: Chinese Edition 

This Minecraft game was released exclusively for the Chinese market. This is a combination of three famous studios, including NetEase, Mojang AB, and Microsoft Studio. Besides containing all the features of the original version, Minecraft: Chinese Edition is also equipped with several other functions to suit Chinese culture. 

Minecraft Earth 

This is a mobile version of the game that allows users to play anywhere. Minecraft Earth omits some features and items so that the game can operate stably when there are a large number of players. 

Coming to this version, the publisher has invested meticulously in every detail of buildings, objects, etc. At the same time, the world in the game has also expanded and the player’s perspective has also changed. 


Minecraft Dungeons 

The last name on the list is Minecraft Dungeons. Belonging to the fighting role-playing game genre, this version allows players to train characters, upgrade skills, and fight enemies or monsters. 

Minecraft Dungeons is considered to possess eye-catching graphics and realistic, vivid sound effects. Combined with the fascinating game plot, it will bring impressive moments of entertainment to players. 


So, we have just come across the top Minecraft versions that attract millions of players that you should not ignore. If you are looking for a game that helps you have enjoyable moments of relaxation and entertainment, this is what you need to refer to. Let’s create your vivid world with cubes! 

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