How to Make Vietnamese Food Spring Rolls

Rolling Spring Rolls: A Fresh and Flavorful Vietnamese Delight


Spring rolls, also known as Vietnamese spring rolls, are a favorite dish in Vietnamese cuisine, especially on hot days. This dish is a vibrant combination of fresh vegetables, herbs, vermicelli and usually shrimp or pork with an outer layer of thinly rolled rice paper. Serve with dipping sauce made from peanuts or fish sauce combined with lemon and chili. A dish that is very nutritionally balanced and has a special flavor.

Key Ingredients

Rice Paper Wrappers (Bánh Tráng): Thin, circular rice paper sheets that hold the filling.

Rice Vermicelli Noodles: Thin rice noodles that add texture and substance.

Shrimp: choosing fresh shrimp will be sweeter when eaten. Boil, peel and remove substances such as threads along the spine of the shrimp. Then, cut them in half lengthwise.

Lettuce leaves: Choose fresh, large vegetables to ensure crispness and freshness.

Herbs: Mint, cilantro, and Thai basil provide aromatic flavors.

Dipping sauce: can be used according to your taste, but the most commonly used type is dipping sauce mixed with fish sauce combined with lemon and chili… or fish sauce made from peanuts.

Making Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Prepare the Ingredients:

Cook the rice vermicelli noodles and shrimp.

Shred the lettuce, julienne the carrots, and slice the bell pepper.

Chop the mint leaves and other herbs.

Assemble the Rolls:

Dip the rice paper in water before wrapping it, it will help make it softer and easier to wrap.

Lay a moistened wrapper on a flat surface.

Arrange the ingredients (shrimp, noodles, lettuce, herbs) in the center.

Gently fold the edges over the filling and roll neatly so the wrap will be tight.

Serve and Enjoy:

Arrange the products beautifully and enjoy immediately with your favorite dipping sauce.

Enjoy the crisp texture, vibrant colors, and fresh flavors!

Dipping Sauce Variations

1. Sweet and Tangy Dipping Sauce

•       Ingredients:

o      4 tablespoons good-quality fish sauce

o      4 tablespoons sugar

o      6 tablespoons warm water

o      Juice of 1/2 lime

o      4-5 cloves of garlic

o      2 fresh red chilies

•       Instructions:

1. Mix fish sauce, a little water and sugar in a bowl until the sugar dissolves. A small tip is to add a little salt to make the taste stronger if you do not use pure fish sauce.

2.  Add warm water and lime juice, stirring well.

3.  Finely chop garlic and chilies, then add to the sauce.

4. Taste and adjust the balance of sweet, salty, and aromatic to your taste.

2. Peanut Dipping Sauce

•       Ingredients:

o      50ml soy sauce

o      50g crushed peanuts

o      1/2 tablespoon minced chili

o      50g roasted peanuts, crushed

•       Instructions:

1.     Combine soy sauce and crushed peanuts.

2.         Add minced chili to add spiciness and beauty.

3.     Adjust the consistency with water if needed or add a little chili sauce to make the dipping sauce more viscous.

Try making your own Vietnamese spring rolls today! Customize the filling to your liking, this roll is very easy to put together so you can combine any type of ingredients.

Please share this spring roll dish with friends and family; Celebrate the vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and enjoy delicious delights!

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