Top secret locations in Fortnite

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, is renowned for its vast and dynamic map, riddled with secret locations that house intriguing Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered by intrepid players. 


These secret locations not only offer a sense of adventure and discovery but also serve as a testament to Fortnite’s commitment to weaving a rich narrative tapestry within its ever-evolving gaming landscape, rewarding those who dare to explore the unknown with unexpected delights and surprises. 


Want to explore these areas but need more time dodging bullets to find them? The list below will help you find the top 5 secret locations in Fortnite easily. 


Top 5 secret locations in Fortnite 


Villain Lair 

Cleverly camouflaged in the mountainside east of Snobby Shores, players can faintly see this rock formation above just by looking up. There’s no way to get there from ground level, but players who parachute to the top of the mountain or build a way up will find a secret entrance to a supervillain-sized lair. 


This place includes a missile silo, bedroom, garage, and lots of chests and loot. True fans of Fortnite can also easily recognize this bunker as the location for launching the rocket that broke the sky starting Fortnite Season 5. Although the rocket has long disappeared, the villains may be planning something in this vast cellar. 


Dino Footprint 

In the wilderness south of Viking town, players will find a small ruined hut next to the river, with a few items and a pair of chests inside. And you can easily see that something is wrong in this old hut. Looking from above, you will see a giant dinosaur footprint. It was the cause of this devastation. There are only dinosaur footprints here. So, what does it mean? A dinosaur falling from the sky? Or, is it a hint of future Fortnite survival game content? Time will answer you. 


Salty Springs Bunker 

Players in Salty Springs reach the western edge of town. They will see a light blue house like the photo above. Exploring it, you will get to know the typical suburban interior design and pick up a lot of items. Not only that, this place has more potential than what you see. The basement has a cracked brick under the stairs, containing boxes and other remains. Lift this brick up and you will see a staircase leading to places you may never have thought of. 

It is a modern, fully equipped high-tech tunnel. A command center that meets all the needs of anyone lucky enough to survive the apocalypse. It even has a gym, bathroom facilities, and lots of loot. What is the real purpose of this basement? There is still no answer. Maybe the owner of the house is a friendly prepper. 


Hero’s Hideout 

On the eastern edge of the map, there is a large manor with a closed gate as shown in the image above. The inside is very large, containing high-rise buildings and revealing even more things below. From the front door, go left to see an open passage under the stairs leading to the mansion’s real secret. 

This mansion hides a lair identical to the basement of the great villain in Snobby Shore. Even though it’s not big, it’s still impressive enough. Thanks to being built right into the cliff, players will have a view of the vast ocean… Just be careful not to fall. This place certainly brings you many wonderful things. 


The Hatch 

A mysterious cellar door recently appeared in the Northeast of Wailing Woods. Hidden in a small grove of trees, this hatch has proven to be indestructible by digging tools, guns, or explosives. 

There is currently no specific way to open it, although there are mysterious markings that suggest it is located on the rear edge of the Hatch. Maybe Fortnite wants to talk about the Dharma Initiative? Try to explore it if you can! 


Final words 


In conclusion, Fortnite’s secret locations are like virtual treasure troves, inviting players to embark on a journey of exploration and unravel the mysteries hidden within the game’s expansive map. 


These Easter Egg-laden spots not only add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay but also showcase the developers’ dedication to crafting a world brimming with lore and surprises. 


Hopefully, our listed top 5 secret locations in Fortnite will please you. Thank you for reading! 

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