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Quay (Vietnamese fried breadsticks)

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Quay, also called Banh Quay, Chao Quay (Southern Vietnam dialect), or oil Chao Quay (Central Vietnam dialect), is a popular food in Asia made from wheat flour, mixed with baking powder, then fried until just well-cooked. This is a pair of small sausage-sized crispy bread sticking together. Quay is served with dishes such as Pho, noodles, porridge, etc.


In Vietnam, Quay is often used with porridge (in both Saigon and Hanoi, often called “Banh Quay”), Pho (Hanoi) or served separately with sauce (made from fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, and green papaya). In China, Quay is often eaten with porridge and soy milk for breakfast. Quay is also a popular breakfast dish in many other Asian countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, etc.”


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