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Vietnamese eight-egg dumpling
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Eight-egg dumplings – the dish sounds like a dream feast for many children. But now, it is no longer a super thing, but right before our eyes. What you need is just to spend about 80 thousand VND (about 3.5 US dollars/ 400 yen) to get such dumpling.

At first glance, the outer layer of this “super” dumpling is no different from the usual ones. Chubby, white, and extremely cute. You only realize the difference when you hold it in the hands. With a weight of more than 300gr, the dumplings are much heavier than the same size cakes you usually eat. There are 8 quail eggs and 2 salted egg yolks in the thick layer of the meat filling. In addition to the huge number of eggs inside, the meat filling, which includes pork, wood-ear mushroom, still retains the flavor.

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